Friday, February 19, 2016


The second day of Kanazawa Shihan's Aikido seminar kicked off at 15:30 Hrs (EAT) with a warm up session and was followed thereafter by the following attacks/techniques in both Omote and Ura (for the advanced Aikidoka):

-A reminder of the basics and key points of the previous day's techniques.

-Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage.

-Shomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi.

-Yokomen Uchi Shiho Nage.

Sensei stressed the importance of having a 'lively' Uke who will enable Tori execute a technique dynamically. A good example he cited is during a Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage attack whereby Uke is supposed to immediately come up after being taken down by Tori and Uke should 'spring up' using the legs as a 'spring board' rather than bending over at the back.

Another point Sensei stressed was the importance of the opening move of Tori during a Yokomen Uchi Shiho Nage attack. The key point is the movement of Tori's front leg which if done correctly, will bring Uke to Tori's centre thereby enabling Tori to 'enter' and do Shiho Nage well.

The last half hour was set aside for grading which was done by Toshiyuki San and the following were promoted to a higher Kyu:

-KIYAGA Benedict: 1 Kyu

-MWAKIO Sammy: 2 kyu

-OSORO Douglas: 3 Kyu

After the grading exercise, the two visiting Sensei were presented with gifts which included some Maasai shuka as well as some genuine Kenya coffee.

Later in the evening we treated Kanazawa Sensei and Tokuda Sensei to Mbuzi choma and Ugali as well as some Tusker Malt and Tusker baridi at the Upper Hill Springs restaurant which is just a walking distance from the Japan embassy. We had a good time together and we look forward to a successful Aikido demonstration tomorrow Saturday, February 20 at the JICC main hall.

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Sarah said...

Congratulations Ben, Sammy and Douglas.
Well done