Saturday, February 20, 2016


The JICC main hall was set for the day's Aikido demonstration and workshop with Tatami at the far end of the hall and space was left at the entrance to accommodate the audience.

H.E. Mr. Tatsushi Terada, the ambassador of Japan to Kenya gave a few remarks in Kiswahili and English to welcome everyone present to the Aikido demonstration and workshop before Kanazawa Shihan (through an interpreter) gave a short background on the martial art of Aikido.

Toshiyuki San accompanied by four members of Nairobi Aikikai (Dan Sempai, Ben Sempai, Tony Sempai and myself) set the ball rolling by giving a short demonstration featuring Shomen Uchi Ikkyo Omote and Ura respectively as well as Yokomen Uchi Shiho Nage Omote and Ura respectively before giving way to Kanazawa Shihan accompanied by Tokuda Shidoin who gave a longer demonstration which featured mainly Osae Waza and Nage Waza.

Among the attacks/techniques they demonstrated were as follows:

-Shomen Uchi Irimi Nage.

-Yokomen Uchi Irimi Nage.

-Shomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi.

The audience comprised mainly of students from  the  Sagana All Saints Academy who were introduced to Aikido by Piotr Borowski Sensei a few years back.

The demonstration/workshop ended at about 11:30 Hrs (EAT) and after a lengthy photo session with everyone jostling to take a picture with the Japanese Aikido Sensei, Kanazawa Shihan presented Nairobi Aikikai with some gifts.

Nairobi Aikikai takes this opportunity to sincerely thank Kanazawa Shihan and Tokuda Shidoin for the three day Aikido seminar/workshop which will go a long way in promoting the martial art of peace throughout the East Africa region.

ありがとう Sensei!

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Anthony said...

Thanks Sammy for the write-up and big thanks to everyone who took part in organizing the seminar and workshop. It was an honor and very fruitful 3 days to learn from Kanazawa Takeshi Shihan and Tokuda Masaya Shidoin. I'm grateful.