Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Tuesday, 17th August, 2016 at Titanium Fitness Gym, Westlands

It was nice to see Anthony Owino spotting a keikogi for the first time ever. He looked brand new in his all white attire, which he had recently bought from Nairobi Sports House. Apparently there is a sale ongoing, where most of the items can be got at a bargain price. This is a nice opportunity for all those who have no keikogi to get themselves a set, before stocks run out.

The session kicked off with various ukemi, which included introduction to breakfalls, among other calisthenics, all aimed at conditioning our bodies.

We then settled down to the techniques of the day, which were;

- Tachi waza morote dori ikkyo omote gedan
- Tachi waza morote dori ikkyo omote chudan
- Tachi waza morote dori ikkyo omote jodan
- Tachi waza ai hanmi katate dori uchi kaiten variation

All these techniques were courtesy of our teacher, Piotr Sensei, 6 dan, who had earlier sent us a video recording of the techniques. This was after we had realized that we needed more direction, and therefore requested for his help.

Some members expressed their wish to practice more of the same, so that it sticks. We shall endeavor to do this in our future classes.

Next session will be on Thursday, 18th August 2016, at the same place, at the same time. Please carry 300bob to cater for the gym’s basic expenses. All are welcome.

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