Friday, September 2, 2016

Thursday, 1st September, 2016 at Titanium Fitness Gym, Westlands

This marked the ‘last’ session outside the safe confines of the Embassy. As usual, we started with various ukemi drills, and this time we incorporated Mateusz sensei’s famous ‘balls’ he he. It was very nostalgic.

The techniques that we explored were;

-Suwari waza tsuki kotegaeshi omote
-Suwari waza shomen uchi nikyo variations
-Suwari waza kata dori nikyo
-Tachi waza gyaku hanmi katate dori kokyu nage
-Tachi waza ryoute dori kokyu nage

Many thanks for those who sacrificed their time and cash to keep training with us while the Embassy was closed. Big up to those who took time to train at their own convenience during this period as well. We hope that as from next week we will get an opportunity to compare notes.

Next session; Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Place; JICC small hall, Upper Hill
Time; 5.00pm-6.45pm
Damages; 0
Welcome one, welcome all!

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