Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at Titanium Fitness Gym, Westlands (Intermediate level class)

Piotr Sensei is in Japan. Yay! Anyone who has ever been to Japan knows what an amazing experience it is. Let’s wish him well!

The focus this month and last month has been on ukemi, with more emphasis on orenai te. This is what we continued with in the extended warm up session. We were able to incorporate the front feather fall, and later had an introduction to the back feather fall (not so easy). Once again we put Mateusz sensei’s ‘balls’ in the mix, and it turned out to be exhausting but satisfying. We are gradually getting more and more confident, and having less and less pain. The only nut that is a bit tougher to crack is shikko. With time, we will manage.

The last few minutes were spent on a revisit of the following sankyu techniques;

-Tachi waza tsuki ikkyo omote and ura
-Tachi waza tsuki nikyo omote and ura
-Tachi waza tsuki sankyo omote and ura
-Tachi waza tsuki kote gaeshi omote and ura

We wrapped up with variations of kokyu ho and kokyu nage.

Next session (aikido for all levels); Thursday, September 15, 2016
Place; JICC small hall, Embassy of Japan
Time; 5.00pm-6.45pm
Damages; 0
Welcome one, welcome all!

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