Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Aikido cosmology

Osensei said,aiki is to teach the basis for the creation of budo in which techniques are born as one moves.
So you have to understand the basis for the creation of techniques.the basis is kokyu power.there is nothing else.when you develop kokyu power,countless techniques emerge.you can't create techniques only by doing the forms of the past.

Shioda notes that in pre-war training,there were no pre-set forms they,they had to mimic what ueshiba did.
Kisshomaru  states:it was around 1937 or 1938 that I began to practice aikido seriously.i had already learned techniques by then.one can learn techniques in 2 or 3 years.
No,ueshiba didn't teach techniques.he viewed his art as formless and where his body moved,his training partner created the opening for techniques to happen.the students did the best that they could with what ueshiba gave them.since he wasn't really teaching the secrets,the students mimicked the forms and trained techniques.
It was the students who developed a curriculum by writing down techniques and sorting them into some type of syllabus.

Ueshiba ;there are about 3000 basic techniques and each of them has 16 variations,so there are many thousands.depending on the situation,you create create new ones.

There is a sense that the waza  can be seen as vehicles for the expression of creativity and this,to my mind,is what morihei ueshiba meant by takemusu aiki.

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